Safety Gloves




From industrial hand protection such as mechanics and riggers gloves to chemical resistant nitrile and neoprene types, no glove is too big, too small, or too difficult for our PPE vending machine to accommodate. We configure each PPE vending machine prior to delivery with vending coils to suit your preferred range. One of our experienced staff will attend your site upon delivery to assist with loading and provide advice for ensuring problem free dispensing.

Full cotton and leather gloves are easily dispensed without any packaging required: simply fold in half and insert into the tray spirals, loading from the front of the tray and working towards the back. Many pairs of cotton gloves can also be rolled together for dispensing, much like a pair of socks.

Our PPE machine is uniquely configurable to accept gloves with extra coverage for wrist and arm protection; spiral pairs can be widened from the standard 1 or 2 bays per item to extend into 3 or even 4 bays. Those gloves that have a latex or rubber grip are best dispensed with their packaging or placed in a resealable plastic bag. This ensures that when the gloves are being dispensed, the grip material does not catch against the spiral and interfere with their smooth delivery.

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