Your staff members and visitors are issued with a smart card which identifies them to the server when they swipe it on the reader located on the machine. The “smart card” can be anything from a standard credit card size or a key ring FOB or a wristband, which the staff swipe over the card reader on the machine.

We give you access to our software which allows you to generate regular reports on what has been taken and by whom.
The machine is re-stocked by your staff based on the “online” real time stock level reports generated by our online web based system.

The machine is connected to a server via an onsite LAN connection or a GPRS modem.

Remote sites we prefer to be on a LAN connection to ensure a seamless service.

Inventory Vending Solutions will provide everything you need to operate the vending machine and when we deliver the vending machine the cards/Fobs are pre-loaded, ready to use… HASSLE FREE.
Yes, if you provide a card for us to test we can develop the necessary code to read the card.
Our team can assist with this process; however we recommend you review the top 20 PPE consumable items as they are the best place to start.

Our Inventory Vending Solutions team member will work with you to maximise the space in the vending machine. We suggest the customer provides a list of samples to ensure the best outcome.

This is easily solved; we offer a system that allows you to record the item whilst still being able to provide it.

We suggest that you need to have a PPE consumption of $600 a week or more to make it worthwhile.

This is hard for us to determine as each customer has different procurement strategies. So we offer something different, rent it for up to 6 months and if you find you want to purchase the unit we will reduce the sale price to take into account the rental paid.
If you have 100 staff then one machine should suit, however if the staff are spread wide across the facility then you may want to place a second to accommodate the walk time.

SAFETY VEND supplies you the system and the training to stock it. If you want to outsource this project entirely then we can provide a business to assist you.

We will teach you how to do it and as we say, if we can do it you can do it.

We generally require 2 to 4 hours with your staff to completely train them.

If we are using a LAN connection you need to know if your site has high security protocols.

These machines have very little issues, as long as you follow the training then everything should be fine.

Our system is so robust you can generate almost any type of report you need. We teach you how to export them into Excel so you can manipulate them further.

It generally takes no more than three weeks to deliver from the finalisation of the layout.

Within the quote we will advise what it will cost to deliver.