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Safety Vend: The Leader in PPE Vending Machines

Personal protective equipment vending machines are the ideal solution to PPE inventory control

Remote Monitoring

Safety Vend provides a state of the art remote monitoring system specifically tailored for the cashless vending and auditing of personal protection equipment (PPE), tools, and chemical products. Our PPE and chemical vendors have been rolled out nationwide across mining sites, manufacturing, engineering and heavy industrial facilities, and have been proven to consistently reduce theft and wastage in the workplace, resulting in immediate savings of at least 30% on PPE expenditure.

Contactless cashless vending options include the ability to read Mifare cards or keyfobs, HID iClass cards and HID Prox cards. If you have an existing ID card or access control system in place on your site, it is highly likely that the technology embedded within it is one of the above HID formats, which means our system will seamlessly integrate with your existing controls. Magnetic stripe cards and barcoded cards can also be readily integrated.

Remote monitoring of all usage is performed by connecting the supplied Data Transfer Unit in your vending machine to our secure server based software via either GPRS (SIM card with antenna) or by network cable to your local area network (LAN). All transactions are reported and logged within seconds, and the data can be accessed with your secure password and user name online from your computer or even from your smartphone or iPad. We recommend using Chrome, FireFox or MS Internet Explorer as your browser for best results. Work sites at extremely remote mining operations may require a high gain antenna or an industrial router if the local signal strength is extremely poor. If these are required, we will supply and install them for a small additional cost.

Upon logging in with your user name and password to the home page of your site's online database, you will see a bar graph indicating overall usage levels for the previous 7 days, and a line graph showing the day's hourly usage levels. These graphs can be adjusted with a few clicks to include the date range of your choice, making it easy to view usage trends at a glance. A wide variety of additional usage and status reports are available from the user friendly menu, and are all customisable to your specific needs.

Vending history reports include the cardholder name, item description, date and time of the transaction, and the unique id/location of the relevant machine. Inventory levels are monitored in real-time, and notification alerts sent to your email address when stock levels for any item become low, ensuring that you have plenty of time to restock low items before they become unavailable. All reports can be exported from the system into xls, csv, or pdf formats.

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