Safety Eyewear




Safety Glasses and Goggles account for a major, and necessary, proportion of PPE requirements at any worksite. Add to this the sporty and fashionable design of many Safety Glasses on the market, and it can become all too common for your employees to carry and wear them outside the workplace, resulting in inevitable losses and misplacements. Without an effective auditing and control system in place, it is not unusual for employees to go through 2 or 3 pairs of Safety Glasses a week, if not more.

The use of our PPE vending machine to dispense these Safety Glasses and Goggles will significantly reduce the turnover while ensuring that you still meet your obligations to provide instant and easy access. While employees will still be able to access their safety eyewear at leisure, their individual usage will be reported to our online system, which can be accessed by your management and administration teams 24/7.

Safety Glasses are commonly packaged in clear plastic wrapping, which will easily dispense from a standard pair of 9 count coils. This means up to 45 pairs of glasses can be dispensed from a single tray. From our experience, a site with 100 employees will typically require one tray loaded with Clear Safety Glasses, and another tray with Tinted Safety Glasses. Safety Goggles are bulkier, as they are designed to fully enclose the eyes from the entry of particulates, chemical fumes, and liquids. These will dispense comfortably from a pair of 6 count coils.

Whatever your Safety Eyewear requirements are, our PPE vending machine will dispense it.

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