Ear Plugs Earmuffs




Foam earplugs are standard fare PPE in any noisy work environment. Typically these are kept loose in boxes located at main entry points and reception areas. A convenient alternative is to allocate some space in your PPE vending machine: corded, uncorded and banded earplugs are all readily dispensed from a single 20 count selection.

A wide range of styles and classes of earmuffs can also be conveniently dispensed. In the event that your specific type will not dispense directly from your PPE vendor, we will print a customised “redemption card” which can be dispensed instead. This redemption card can then be presented by the holder to your storeperson, and exchanged for the earmuffs. In this way, all usage is recorded by the PPE vending machine’s online reporting system, removing the need for your storeperson to process the stock movement.

Redemption cards are supplied at no cost, and can be printed with images and branding so you know exactly what you are getting when the selection is made.

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