Disposable Overalls




Lightweight Disposable Overalls from Small through 3XL sizes can be dispensed smoothly with their sealed packaging intact from our PPE vending machine. We reconfigure the product size capacity of our vending tray to double the standard width, providing for products with a width of up to 27cm. Simply roll the Disposable Overalls up along their length, secure with a rubber band at each end, then insert into the 6 count coil pair provided.

To place the tray in the loading position, push down the tray latches with your thumbs and pull the tray toward you until the rear tray rollers stop in place, and then tilt the tray downward. Begin loading from the front of the tray and work towards the back.

Some Disposable or Reusable Overalls may be too bulky to vend directly from the PPE vending machine. In this case, we provide a printed redemption card solution. The redemption card can be dispensed from the vending machine, and then the holder can swap the card with your site storeman for the overalls. In this way, the item is logged and reported through inventory control without any extra paperwork being necessary.

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