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Affordable and cost-effective inventory control

Our system provides your business with a simple, easy, affordable and cost-effective inventory control solution while improving accountability and production within your site.

The benefits of using this system include:

  1. See exactly who is taking what and when
  2. Provide cost allocation for business units
  3. Place a budget on PPE spending by issuing staff and contractors with their own PPE allowance
  4. Issue reports by business unit, individuals, date/time, product; or we can customise a report to suit your requirements
  5. Significantly reduce ”walk and wait” times for PPE procurement

Call our local team member now to start:

  1. Improving safety on site
  2. Reducing PPE consumption (over 30%)
  3. Introducing higher levels of accountability
  4. Reducing inventory levels to free up cash
  5. Reducing PPE procurement costs
  6. Reporting accurately and reliably on PPE inventory levels, costs, and movements
  7. Reclaiming wasted time and floor space for production

Call 1300 523 389 now and have one of our dedicated staff members to assist with helping you select what the best size machine is for the location you have.