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Every transaction is recorded on the system and can be reviewed and downloaded in any one of 3 different report formats (excel,csv or PDF).

In addition the machine issues email warnings for the following events:

  • Machine empty.
  • No sales within a defined period.
  • Selections empty.
  • Machine offline.

The machines are re-stocked by your staff based on the “on-line” real time stock level reports generated by our on-line web based system. All reports are accessed through your own web based portal using you user name and password. Reports can either be viewed on the screens or exported from the system in PDF or CSV file format.

Card Holder Report. Note that daily spend limits and total spend limits can be set against each fob holder. In addition fobs can be allocated different user types e.g. staff, contractors or visitors. This allows you to generate user reports by fob type and allocated to different departments.

Product List. This is a list of all the products you choose to load up on the system. Provision is available to use your own product numbers that correspond with your current inventory control system.

Vend History Report. This report shows every transaction made during the selected period. In the attached sample each transaction shows the machine, card holder, product selected, units taken (always one at a time), the amount and the date and time. The report is totalled for units and dollars sold. By exporting this report in to CSV it can be manipulated using excel pivot so that total sales by FOB holder can be produced. These reports can be emailed to you automatically on a pre-determined frequency ( weekly,monthly,quarterly,annually)

Cost Allocation This report shows what job number the item has been costed out to. This report is used for customers who want to share the cost of the item with their customer.

Daily Sales Report. This report shows the total units sold and their dollar value by days for the period specified in the report. In this case it’s monthly. Note that it balance to the Vend History report for units and dollars.

Daily Product Sales Report. This report shows daily sales by product of all products in a machine.

Re-stock report. This report shows you how many products are required to re-fill the machine as of the time you run the report.

Sales Report. This report is a summary by product and dollars of everything sold from the machine for the specified period. Note that it also balances to the Vend History report and the Daily sales Report for the same periods.

Weekly Invoice for Usage by Employee. These reports show the total spent on each fob for the week. It also gives you a balance of the total “credit” on all of the fobs both individually and combined.