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We understand our clients want a solution that is not just a one size fits all offer that may not totally solve the issues.Our FREE site appraisal includes a thorough review of the key items that are being misused. We then create a planogram based on volumes prior to implementing the system.

A key benefit to dealing with SAFETY VEND is we provide you with an easy to use affordable solution that means you can still purchase PPE consumables from your current providers so there is no need for you to miss out on the weekly specials you shop from.

The most popular stocked items in our PPE vending machines include:

  1. Safety Glasses & Goggles
  2. Safety Vests
  3. Mechanics & Riggers Gloves
  4. Helmets, Boots and Shirts
  5. Dust Masks
  6. Disposable Overalls
  7. Ear Plugs (corded & cordless)
  8. Flashlights & Headlamps
  9. Batteries & Globes
  10. Drill Bits
  11. Grinding & Flap Discs
  12. First Aid Products
  13. Cutting & Fan Wheels
  14. Electrical & Thread Tape
  15. Paint Brushes and Roller Covers

The Chemical Control Unit most popular items are:

  1. Metal Vending Cylinders
  2. Silicone spray
  3. HHS Grease
  4. Battery Terminal Spray
  5. Cavity Protection Spray
  6. Rapid Start
  7. Rust Off
  8. CU800 Cutting Oils

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