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Flow Chart of how Safety Vend can help you with your PPE Distribution

All staff, contractors and visitors who are issued by your company with an access card can gain access to PPE consumables from the vending machine 24 hours 7 days per week. The details of all products dispensed are recorded immediately to our inventory control system along with the ID of the card holder who received the item, and the date/time it was taken.

Our inventory control system is web-based, making all status and reporting information easily accessible from any authorised computer, laptop, iPhone or smart phone with internet access. Reports can be viewed online in your browser or downloaded to your device in .pdf, .csv, or .xls format.

We can install the machines with either a GPRS or LAN connection.

When it comes to protecting your bottom line, ’knowing who took what and when’ is essential and being able to allocate this cost to the job you are working on is even better. As such, our machines can be configured to permit the allocation of items dispensed to cost centres or individual job numbers. This is crucial if you want to get a true snap shot of what it costs to provide the service you charge. It also means you can invoice directly for items which previously could not be accurately costed.

The robust nature of this system has been the reason we are selected by some of the biggest names in the mining and industrial sector. Unlike other systems that just dispense and record items, our leading edge system also gives you the facility to define a spending budget or PPE allowance for each user. This extra level of budgetary control can easily result in an overall PPE spend reduction of at least 30%.

If you are currently using cards such as Pegasus onsite track easy or others such as Damstra’s mining card then we can save you further hassle and expense as we already interface their cards.