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PPE Vending Machines

Affordable and cost-effective inventory control

SafetyVEND PPE vending machines deliver a simple and cost-effective way to ensure all of your staff, visitors and contractors have immediate access to Personal Protective Equipment all day, every day, while significantly reducing your PPE procurement costs and ensuring that all PPE usage is fully accounted for.

Safety glasses, hi-vis vests, overalls, mechanics gloves, riggers gloves, ear plugs, dust masks, headlamps, torches, batteries and much more can be dispensed promptly and on-demand. Our machines can also dispense a variety of industrial items and tools such as: tap & drill sets, cutting & fan wheels, grinding & flap discs, paint brushes, electrical & thread tape, adhesives & sealants, manuals. Larger items such as helmets and boots can be dispensed in the form of cards or vouchers, which can then be redeemed at your PPE store.

All of our PPE vending machines are fitted as standard with a card reader and connected 24/7 to a web-based monitoring system. When a staff member, contractor or visitor presents their card to the reader, their identity is logged along with details of the product dispensed and the time it was taken. Your company management team can log in to the web-based monitoring system at any time and access detailed reports relating to individual usage, overall PPE consumption, and inventory levels.

PPE stock levels within the machine are monitored in real-time. When a product selection becomes low, an alarm is automatically generated and emailed to your PPE procurement manager in good time to ensure that the selection can be refilled before it becomes unavailable. The web-based system can also monitor the inventory levels in your storeroom. As PPE items are moved to the vending machine for use, they are deducted from your main inventory levels, and a re-order advice emailed when inventory levels become low.

If you already have an ID card control system operating on your site, we can configure our system to read your existing cards. Contactless cards are the most commonly used in Access Control or Time & Attendance tracking systems, but our machines can be customised to read magstripe cards or barcodes if required. Alternatively we can provide dedicated access control cards, key ring FOBs, or even wristbands.

Our PPE vending machines are built to handle tough conditions and are well suited for use in Mining & Mine Services, Manufacturing, Engineering, Heavy Industrial Manufacture, and a variety of factory facilities.

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