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Chemical Control Unit


1830 mm


860 mm


1181 mm

Our latest innovation is our Chemical vending machine, and has been recently launched with great success. This equipment allows you to supply cylindrical items that hold sprays, paints and grease removers. We are also able to provide Metal Vending Cylinders which enable dispensing of non-cylindrical items such as adhesives, sealants, fillers, and super glue tubes. These machines are carefully configured to adhere to Australian safety standards and are specifically designed to provide plenty of ventilation. Items are collected from their position in the machine by a unique automated ’delivery cup’ system which gently transports and delivers the product into a collection port. We provide a complete Chemical Register and Storage Compatibility Risk Assessment based on the products inside the unit. These new units deliver full visibility and control over the dispensing of chemical products such as:

  1. Silicone spray
  2. HHS Grease
  3. Battery Terminal Spray
  4. Cavity Protection Spray
  5. Rapid Start
  6. Rust Off
  7. CU800 Cutting Oils

Our Chemical vending machine utilises the same leading card reading technology and web-based monitoring system that our PPE vending machines use, making them an excellent solution for reducing procurement costs, managing inventory levels, and ensuring that all usage is fully accounted for.

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